Prevention from credit card cloning

Prevention from credit card cloning









Frauds are caught in Delhi when a person was found making transaction using cloned credit card and through him all the other members were arrested. The Delhi cybercrime team shared few points about credit card cloning. However we are not going to discuss that points rather we will discuss about those points to keep in mind to prevent from cloning.

Here are few points to keep in mind while applying and using credit/debit card

  1. Always insist on a chip card. The card has an installed chip in it which carries the information of the card data. Unlike magnetic strap which could be cloned easily, a chip is hard to hack unless manually the data is restored and copied to other card. Mostly the cloning is seen through magnetic strip only. To prevent it from fraud, always ask for chip card from the bank
  2. The common mistakes people do is they share pin. This has been seen that the most of the frauds has happened though sharing of pin. Do not ask someone anonymous to withdraw your money at ATM. Ask for the assistance in the bank if any help is required. In fraud, people who have cloned the card are worthless if they do not know the pin. Other way is that the fraud calls are made on behalf of banks to withdraw ATM pin, such details are not asked by banks be aware that one should not share ATM pin to anyone, not even the banks.
  3. There is highly chance of fraud on online credit card. It is suggested that to use low value credit card for online shopping. This way even there is any credit card details shared online goes to the hackers, the low limit of the card prevents in the complete loss of money. Be careful while making online transactions; never do transactions of any untrusted website.
  4. Many at times, it is seen that people tend to ignore the bank messages. It is suggested that everyone should have a quick look on the bank messages. There might be a chance that any transaction has happened and the person’s ignorance to the message has leaded that transaction. An instant fraud could be tracked immediately but realizing afterwards and then tracing the transaction is hard to find out the fraud source.
  5. It is strictly advised to check the ATM thoroughly and then use it. The fraudulent often put a camera on keyboard or a face cloning device above the card inserting slot. Check for the camera positioning, if suspicious then ask the guard or call the bank. Be careful while using ATM. Have a thorough check before use.
  6. Hackers are coming with unique ways to take out your card details. It is suggested that do not store the card details in any random app. Do not make transaction in any untrusted app.

Do not be specific to the points discussed above, look for other ways and be careful while using your card. Everyday hackers are coming up with new methods, the one and only one prevention point to keep in mind is to not to share details to anyone and use trusted ATM and apps. This way you can be safe and prevented form fraudulent.

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