Founded in 1991, the Virinchi is a public listed $ 50 million+ group with deep investments in Financial Technology and Healthcare Delivery solutions. The Group employs roughly 2000+ employees across its ventures.

The 2 major domains of the conglomerate group are:

  1. IT Products & Services (Qfund, PayEz, KSoft, vCard) &
  2. Healthcare Delivery & Services (Virinchi Hospitals, v23 Health App, vLearn NSDC Program, Virinchi Combinatorics).


Qfund, which is Virinchi's flagship IT product, is a technology leader in the short term mortgage industry. It has achieved a sustained Global market leadership amongst ERP products in the North American Short Term Lending market with over $ 10 bn worth of short term loans issued by North American lenders, through the QFund software & managing around 5000+ POS and online installations transacting around $20 bn annually in the U.S.

PayEz is an innovative Point of Sale Credit Service IT Platform to provide lead sourcing, loan generation, machine learning underwriting, lender aggregation and integrated loan servicing for consumer loans.

KSoft Systems INC, is a New Jersey based consulting and technology services company, which employs over 200 senior consultants in the US in addition to over 600 consultants in India, serving clients in the Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecom, Logistics, and Insurance Industries.

Being a Sole Vendor to the parent company, KSoft has been benchmarked to the highest quality of services and has been calibrated to deep quality processes and capabilities - differentiating it from the pure play IT services companies.

Tensor Fields Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% Subsidiary of Virinchi Ltd,, registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913. It is aimed to provide financial services' platform. The vCard is a mobile app product of Tensor Fields Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. which is a mobility platform including services such as recharge or bill payment, digital products, credit services and advertising services and such other services.

vCard, a mobile payment solution for individual customers, uses the Unified Payments Interface (UPI)- VPA for making payments and has a vCard merchant mobile app solution for the merchants to accept payments through UPI-VPA based payment system. UPI - VPA is a payment system issued by National Payment Corporation of India.


Virinchi Hospitals
Virinchi Hospitals owns and runs state of art multispecialty hospitals in India. The hospitals are unique delivering advanced medical technology & sophisticated IT / mobility driven patient care. The Group currently operates 600 beds across three multi-specialty hospitals at Hyderabad, Banjara Hills, Hayathnagar and Bharkatpura.

Virinchi Hospital focuses on major super-specialties and has empaneled some of the leading doctors in the country to provide superior care and best-in-class patient experience. The primary focus is on C.O.N.N.E.C.T specialties an acronym for cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, nephrology, emergency care, cancer and transplant medicine. However, the hospital has more than 38 specialties. The hospital is planned to significantly differentiate on patient experiences associated with People & Processes.

v23 Health App
V23 is a unique mobility platform with over 50 healthcare apps connecting the patients and providers across the outpatient ecosystem.

Virinchi Learning is a leading Healthcare skill development organization working together with NSDC, Govt. of India to upskill up to 80,000 Healthcare Workers across hospitals & biotechnology services

Virinchi Combinatorics and Systems Biology?
The big data objective is to develop Patient Similarity Analytics and Disease Progression Patterns to eventually develop tools to aid patient specific Diagnosis and Prognosis with the electronic medical records of patients.