Five Means to Avoid Credit Card over Limit Charges

Five Means to Avoid Credit Card over Limit Charges

1. Know your Card
From time to time, you might run into revolting surprises thrown by the bank in terms of extra charges which you may not be conscious of while purchasing it. When you apply for a Credit Card, go through the terms and conditions methodically and have a whole knowledge about its features and paybacks.
2. Be aware of your credit limit
Not aware of your credit limit could turn out to be fairly a tragedy. When you go on a shopping spree heedless of your credit limit, it is highly possible that you will go over your credit limit.You can at all times log in to your online account or ring to the customer care service to know your credit limit. As the creditor could change the credit limits, it is always better to monitor it frequently.
3. Get updates on balance alerts
A few credit cards send email alerts and text messages to the cardholders when their balance is within the definite percentage of the credit limit. Enrol in such balance alerts and stay updated regarding your balance and limit.
4. Opt out of Credit Limit Fees
The credit card providers are prohibited from robotically enrolling cardholders in over-the-limit fee. Henceforth, be aware of it if you are enrolled without your awareness. If you opt-in, the finest way to evade over limit fee is, stay under your credit limit.
5. Plan and get your limit raised
If you predict, your spending might go up in the upcoming month. It is better to call up the Credit Card Customer service and upsurge your credit limit to evade over limit charges.

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