Five Means Stay Out of Credit Card Debt

Five Means Stay Out of Credit Card Debt

1.Know the details of your card
Read the fine print details while applying for a credit card of your choice and have a complete understanding of your card. Know what fees you pay and all the benefits your card offers.Make sure it satisfies your needs.
2.Know your billing cycle
When you receive the credit card it is good to know your billing cycle. A billing cycle is for the expenditures made for the month previous the date of billing. This will give you awareness on when your dues are paid and how you can plan for the current month.
3.Pay your dues on time
Every time you use your credit card always pay your dues on time. Do not carry over the balance to the subsequent month or effort to pay only the minimum amount, delayed payments also disturb your credit score.
4.Avoid paying partial amount
Several people pay only the partial amount of their bill and try to carry forward the balance for future. It is at all times best to pay dues in full each time you are able to.
5.Do not take too many cards
Several people have the habit of using multiple cards. It is best not to hold more than 2 or 3. This will keep you from maxing all your cards and stops you from temptation, there is also the aspect of the effort of maintenance of two or more credit cards.

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