What to do After My Credit Application is Rejected?

What to do After My Credit Application is Rejected?

You cannot do anything to change these decisions immediately, however, once you have identified the reasons behind your lender’s decision you can move on to make a plan to overcome it. Say your credit application was rejected due to several pending loans, then your first motive is to clear them and then move onto the next steps. Make sure that you clear bigger loans first and reduce your credit utilisation ratio, you can then move on to smaller loans with smaller penalties.

In case of incorrect application details and job instability, you will have to take the necessary measures. But if the loan is rejected due to nationality or educational qualifications, then you may have to find another way of picking up lines of credit.

But if the reason for your loan rejection is a low credit score or short credit history,then you can start building it by picking smaller loans and credit cards.This may take some time but this will mature your credit history for bigger loans in the future. You can start by checking your Personal Credit Score to finalise your next steps.

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