What is Your Starting Credit Score?

What is Your Starting Credit Score?

Everyone starts the journey with no credit score — which makes sense, given that our credit scores are built on the info contained in our credit reports, and these reports are not even created until we have had credit in our names for a minimum of 6 months. Without an established credit history, your credit report and credit score do not miraculously appear when you turn 18, in spite of many common misapprehensions.
As soon as you have established credit, your first credit score could vary anywhere between 500 700 in general, liable on your preliminary financial performance. The only association between your first credit score and the scoring metrics would be the oldness of your credit profile. And given that this aspect is only worth about 15% of the score in your total credit score, even by principally ‘failing” this classification and doing well in the others, you credit score can still be around 640.

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