Benefits and Offers

  • Unlimited UPI Transfer up to 10% of total limit per day. A maximum of Rs 20,000 per month can be transferred through UPI
  • Transfer Entire Credit Limit to any Account on EMI @ 14- 20%
  • vCard RBL Bank Credit Card for Non-UPI spend for both Online and Offline Payments
  • 1 reward point per Rs. 100 spend on key categories.
  • Reward point to rupee conversion at ~4:1
  • Zero Annual Fees for Year 1, waived off subsequently on spend of > Rs. 1L
  • Value Back for mid-week spends on Grofers, Bookmyshow, Domino's etc. Personalized offers on Food, Shopping, Entertainment, Online Spend etc

Get started

  • Complete Application on App or Web
  • Basic Demographics, PAN details
  • On Approval, Complete Application with Aadhaar based KYC
  • If Current Address doesn’t match Aadhaar – complete KYC through Video KYC or Physical Document Pickup

Using vCard RBL Bank Credit Card

  • Scan or Type target UPI ID from any app – BHIM, PhonePe, GooglePay, Whatsapp etc.
  • Alternately, move Entire limit to any account and convert into EMIs
  • Avail of relevant rewards and merchant benefits based on spend
  • Tag spends to different categories, set budgetary limits
  • Leverage analytics and reminders for insight to manage expenditure


  • On or before due date, make payment through UPI/ Netbanking on the vCard app
  • If unable to make full payment, pay atleast the Minimum Amount Due to avoid late fees

vCard RBL Bank Credit Card Charges

  • Annual fee of Rs. 500 +GST from Year 2. Waived off on spend of Rs. 1 lakh in the preceding year
  • Zero Interest on both UPI and Plastic Card spends until the Bill Due Date
  • 3.5% per month interest on amount outstanding after Due Date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the age limit to apply for vCard RBL Bank Credit Card
    Age must be greater than 23 years
  • What is the eligibility criteria to apply for this vCard RBL Bank Credit Card
    - Valid address proof
    - PAN card
    - Must be salaried (above Rs.20,000 per month) or Self-Employed
  • What is the Address Proof that can be submitted
    Aadhar card, Valid Passport, Driving License
  • What is the Process to apply for vCard RBL Bank Credit Card
    - Customers initially need to check their eligibility through App and after getting the approval customer can go through eKYC and schedule a doc pickup through app in their convenient time
    - Once the card gets approved, You can start using the limit in your app and will receive your vCard RBL Bank Credit Card to your registered address.
  • Interest charges and Late fees
    - Monthly interest rate of 3.5% if the payment is not made by the due date
    - Minimum 10% or Minimum Amount Due has to be paid on due date to avoid late fee
    - Late fee- 15% of the amount due (min Rs.350 and max Rs.1000)
  • What is the Maximum Credit Limit I can get
    The maximum eligible amount is Rs.5,00,000
  • What documents are needed to apply vCard RBL Bank Credit Card
    Identity Proof (Any 1)
    - Pan Card
    - Voter Identity Card
    Address Proof (Any 1)
    - Utility bills incl. Electricity bill, post-paid mobile, Telephone bill, water bill etc
    - Municipal tax
    Or Both (Any 1)
    - Valid Passport
    - Driver's License
    - Aadhar Card
  • Is there any Annual fee for this card
    - Annual fee of Rs.500+GST 18% per annum is free for the first year and is waived off from second year onwards if the Annual spent is 1 lakh and more
  • What are the various Fee/charges applicable on the Credit card
    Other than Late fee and Interest, there are no hidden charges
  • How can I see details of transactions made on my card
    All the transactions can be seen in ‘Passbook’ option available in vCard app
  • How can I generate my m-PIN
    m-PIN can be generated after signing up in to vCard app with your registered mobile number
  • How can I change /update my m-PIN
    m-PIN can be changed at any time through vCard app, from Settings option in menu bar
  • What payment channels I can use for bill payment
    - Bill payment can be done through Internet banking, Credit card, Debit card
  • Can I withdraw cash at ATMs with my vCard RBL Bank Credit Card
    - Yes, you can withdraw from any ATM, for which 2.5% will be charged for each withdrawal (minimum of Rs.300)
  • How is the interest calculated on my account
    - Monthly interest rate of 3.5% if the payment is not made by the due date
  • When is the late payment charges levied
    Late Payment charges will be applicable if Minimum Amount Due is not paid by the payment due date, Clear funds need to be credited on or before the payment due date, to avoid Late Payment charges.15% of Total amount due (Min Rs. 350, Max Rs. 1000) (W.e.f Nov 1st, 2015)
  • Where the vCard RBL Bank Credit Card can be used
    vCard RBL Bank Credit Card can be used for UPI Payments through UPI QR scan or by typing the UPI ID
    Can be used for purchases at Merchant establishments
    Can be used for purchases on the Internet
    Can be used to transfer amount to self / other savings bank account instantly
  • How my Credit card dues are informed to me
    You will be sent a billing statement detailing the transactions on vCard app well before the due date for payment of dues.
    Billing information is also made available by email if you have registered with your email id.
    You will also be informed by an SMS Alert about the billing amount and due date for payment of dues.
  • How can I earn my Reward Points
    - 4000 bonus Reward Points on spending Rs 1.2 lacs or more in a year
    - 20 Reward Points for every Rs100 spent on groceries every Wednesday
    - 40 Reward Points for every Rs100 spent at Pizza Hut/ Domino's online on Wednesdays
  • How can I use / redeem my Reward Points
    - Please register at to redeem the points
    - Please go through for details and conditions
  • How UPI works and what are the charges
    - vCard RBL Bank Credit Card allows payment to any UPI app - including BHIM, Bank Apps in addition to GooglePay, Whatsapp, PhonePe, PayTM etc. for zero charges as an Introductory offer. You may scan the UPI QR or type the UPI ID to find the beneficiary
  • Why should I provide my CC details for making a UPI transaction ?
    To address security concerns, the RBI has mandated the use of multi-factor authentication for all payment networks. MFA or 2FA increases account security by requiring both your card details and a security code sent to your mobile device when you make any transaction.
    Step 1: After typing the amount for your UPI transaction, enter your credit card details and preferably save the card for faster future transactions
    Step 2: Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and it's done.

Sample Calculations

vCard RBL Bank Credit Card @ 42% p.a Finance Charges
Billing Cycle Narration Spend/ Repay Total Outstanding
Day 1 Mastercard 3,500 3,500
Day 3 UPI 2,500 6,000
Day 7 UPI Repaymen -1,500 4,500
Day 15 Mastercard 4,400 8,900
Day 20 Mastercard 3,000 11,900
Day 25 UPI 600 12,500
Day 30 Mastercard 1,500 14,000
Day 31 Taxes   0
Day 31 Bill Generated Total Due 14,000
    Minimum Due 700
Day 45 Repayment By NetBanking 4,000
Day 45   Closing Balance 10,000
Day 60 Taxes   120
Day 60 Bill Generated Total Due 10,816
*All the fees and charges are subject to applicable taxes.
vCard Credit Line @ 42% p.a Finance Charges
Billing Cycle Narration Spend/ Repay Total Outstanding
Day 1 UPI 3500 3,500
Day 3 UPI 2500 6,015
Day 7 UPI -1500 4,543
Day 15 UPI 4400 8,989
Day 20 UPI 3000 12,044
Day 25 UPI 600 12,713
Day 30 UPI 1500 14,287
Day 31 Bill Generated Total Due 14,456
    Minimum Due 883.89
Day 33 Repayment By NetBanking 4000
    Closing Balance 10,456
Day 35 Daily Interest 12.0315  
Day 60 Bill Generated Total Due 10,943
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