Key Terms and Conditions

By Agreeing to these T&C you represent that you are capable of entering into a legally binding agreement and state that the details provided by you for your vCard eligibility are true.
You also give consent to pay following interest and charges


I. Annual fees payable by the Card member

Annual Fee (1st year) Annual Fee (2nd year onwards)
NIL RS 499 + 18% GST (waived off on spends of Rs.100,000/- or more)

II. Cash advance fees

Cash Withdrawal Charges 2.5% of the cash amount withdrawn(Minimum Rs. 300/-)

The Cardmember can use the Credit Card to withdraw cash from any ATMs in India and/ or overseas in accordance with the compatibility of the Credit Card at the said ATM(s).

III. Interest Free Period

The interest free credit period can range between 20 to 50 days after which the interest charges for both revolving credit and cash advances will be as below.

Illustration: vCard credit card’s statement date is 20/01/2019, and the payment due date is 09/02/2019, which is 20 days from the statement date (date on which payment is made). The 20 days period is called interest free credit period.

IV. Finance charges for both revolving credit and cash advances

Overdue Interest on extended Credit 3.5% per month or 42% per annum

In an event a Card member does not make payment of the total amount due as per the previous statement by the payment due date. Finance charges are payable at a monthly percentage rate on all such transactions till the total amount due is paid in full. Finance charges also accrue on cash withdrawal at ATMs, from the date of cash withdrawal until the payment is made in full. Any change in the rate of applicable Finance Charges will be communicated to Card member in their statement at least 30 days prior to its effective date.

V. Late Payment Charges

Late Payment Fee 15% of total amount due(Min Rs.50/- and Max Rs.1,000/-)

Late Payment Fee (“LPF”) is applicable if no payment or a payment less than the Minimum Amount Due (“MAD”) is paid by the Card member on the due date.

VI. Over limit Penalty

Over limit Penalty is levied in case the outstanding on the card account exceeds the total current limit Rs. 600/-

VII. UPI Interest / Fee

As an introductory offer, there are no charges for UPI transactions for merchant payments. Also daily transfer limit on UPI transactions is 10% of the total available credit limit.

VIII. Fund Transfer

You are entitled to transfer 100 % of the available credit limit.

Fund transfer interest charge 13% - 20% per annum (Varies from customer to customer)
Processing Fee 2.5% of the principal amount transferred and 18% GST on processing fee

*** You further understand and agree that vCard reserves the right to update any of these vCard terms from time to time.